Stockholm library


R. Palekas, A.Baldišiūtė, D.Karalius, B.Puzonas, A.Palekienė, M.Zemlickaitė, L.Sužiedelytė, A.Brazauskaitė, G.T.Gylytė, A.Rimantaitė, J.Preiss, T.Jonauskis




28 000 m2



Stockholm library
Stockholm library

Idea – building as space. We simply slice the slope and move it towards the Anexes. The hill becomes a library. Architectonic and conceptual qualities are created by the unique entrance space of a New Library. Asplund building is placed in the new context and its monumental character is strengthened. Library communicates as a square, as an open meeting place.

Stockholm library

The walk into the library

Literary and physically the Spelbomskan square is left in its place and is given a new image and function.

The restored and newly designed surfaces ask for a small scale pattern and texture.

While designing we aimed to create a multifunctional space for passing by and staying at. The stair steps leading up towards the libraries main entrance are there also for sitting.

Stockholm library

Entrance square – the path of experiences

The new entrance of the public library involves a long walk with a deep indent from Spelbomskans square, rich in experience. In a contemporary fashion it carries literal and semantical associations with the entrance into rotunda from Sveavagen as designed by the swedish architect G.Asplund. The interplay between the Asplund building, the new building and Spelbomskans square is kept in its primary strength and beauty. The new square becomes interior space of the city. Closer proximity to Odengatan is reached through a visual open­ing from Spelbomskans square into the library over the cafe space.

Stockholm library
Stockholm library

Quote from the jury report:

„The cut into the ridge is a very strong and unique concept that reinforces the effect of the ridge as it will enhance the perception of its entire height. The project is based on a simple fundamental idea but at the same time contains major complexity. Even though basically all the buildings on the site remain, the Asplund building is placed in a new context and its monumental character is strengthened. A series of varying outdoor spaces are created which reinforce each other both in quality and personality.

The project is successful in its attempt to contrast with the Asplund building, creating a kind of Yin-Yang situation. The differences complement each other and reinforce the character of each of the various buildings. The new building has such a unique expression that it becomes the project’s defining characteristic. It will represent both itself as a building and the library as an institution.”

Stockholm library