R. Palekas, B.Puzonas,  A.Brazauskaitė, L.Sužiedelytė, M.Zemlickaitė, G.T.Gylytė, A.Palekienė, M.Šiupšinskas, D.Uogintė


UAB St.Jacobs





Spatial idea

We treat the new building together with the church of St. Jacob, Dominincan monastery and former hospital, as informal elements of the green Lukiškes space, expanding towards the river Neris. This space is framed by strict and formal perimeter of stalinist buildings.

Building silhouette

We raise scattered gable volumes out of calm elevated slab – a continuation of St. Jacob churchyard fence. Plants are incorporated in between them. Our aim is to create a natural architectural relation with the existing buildings and yards of the monastery and hospital and the integrity of the entire quarter. We look for semantic connections with former rural built environment of Lukiškės suburb.

Urban idea

Main goal is to create a spatially and functionally attractive pedestrian corridor between Gediminas avenue and the White Bridge. The contour of the new building naturally shapes a small square at the intersection of Tumo – Vaižganto and Lukiškių streets that helps to soften the „flow“ of public space of Lukiškės towards the river.

Site plan

The main entrance is located at the western corner of the plot, from a proposed cozy sunken (hidden from the noise of the street) entrance square. The groundfloor (retail floor) is traversed by an inner retail passage towards the river. The second entrance is located at the opposite end of the passage – at A.Goštautas street. Small bays for cafeterias and restaurans are designed besides the passage.Entrance to the double storey underground parking and  to the inside of the block are located at Lukiškių street.

Building plan

Groundlfoor is terraced to conform the natural rellief between Lukiškės and Goštauto streets. This allows for smooth pedestrian flow in the inner passage, by the shops, restaurants and cafeterias. Separate entrances from the outside of the building lead to spatious office lobbies where the vertical connections with the office spaces and separate office units can be accessed.  First floor is dedicated for companies that require large open plan offices. Separate volumes above are more suited for compact plans.

Inner courtyard and green roof garden, that is accessable from all office volumes, creates cozy atmosphere. The volumes of offices are placed in the roof garden to create areas that are sheltered from street noise.

A two storey underground parking is designed under the entire building to fulfill the needs of its users.


Office facades are composed out of glazing with screenprinted regular grid. Screenpint shades the glazing in white, restricts direct sun heat while retainig the natural light and connection with the surroundings. Minimal detailing is counterbalanced by the reflections of the garden and surrondings on the facades. Entire volume is made lighter by a recessed clear glass groundfloor.