Konstitucijos pr.18


R.Palekas, B.Puzonas, D.Uogintė, A.Palekienė,

J.Jankauskas, U.Morkūnaitė, K.Burbaitė


UAB „Investmira“


19 280 m2



Konstitucijos pr.18


Strategic / Local

The area is located between two functional and semantic poles -1) The White bridge and the Lawn, 2) Europa square and the new city center around it. The tension between them will increase with the development of the new city center towards Snipiskes. The attraction force is of city scale, what means it is strategic. The abovementioned two poles are separated by intense traffic corridor of Konstitucijos ave.
Other two poles, that are active in the area are 3) the Green bridge 4) Swedbank terrace and NDG. This pedestrian tract is of a more local character and does not exhibit any tendency to become stronger.

City block between Gelezinio Vilko and Green bridges

In the 70’s the area developed urban character that differed from the normal (perimetric) city tissue that can be found on the other side of Kalvarijos str. Major part of the block is understood as a territory between the city and the park. 50 years passed and such urban character should be considered distinctive and therefore respected. Recurrent visual corridors between the parterre of the emerging new city center on the other side of Konstitucijos avenue and the river Neris is essential feature and should be preserved. Project site is located on one of such visual corridors.

Perimeter of Konstitucijos Avenue

The perimetric character of Kostitucijos avenue should be enhanced in order to make the street space more articulated and humane. On the other hand continuous wall of buildings would fence off the river valley. Therefore we propose dotted perimeter of Konstitucijos avenue with gaps enabling abovementioned visual corridors. Buildings and landscape is used in other parts of the street to increase the sense of perimeter.

Konstitucijos pr.18
Konstitucijos pr.18


– Composition of two volumes, vertical and horizontal, define the southern slope of the urban hill;
– We accentuate physical and visual link with Europa square;
– Minimal building density is pursued in order to prioritize the public space on the parterreof the site;
– Different functional layers (users, passers-by and vehicles) are separated.

Konstitucijos pr.18

Key decisions

We propose a composition of two volumes. The horizontal one is 35m high and the vertical one – almost twice as high. Solid silhouette of the new vertical helps to harmonize the composition of neighboring verticals. The tower is placed on the building limit of the Konstitucijos avenue and is 7.5m away from the neighboring plot – here the future neighboring building is relatively low.

Offices and hotel are designed in two separate buildings. The plans of the buildings are universal and the facades in this project stage are abstract.

Konstitucijos pr.18
Konstitucijos pr.18
Konstitucijos pr.18
Konstitucijos pr.18
Konstitucijos pr.18