R.Palekas, J. Garšvaitė, A.Palekienė, B.Puzonas


2004 – 2006

Urban idea

The plot for the exhibitions pavilion is located in the natural valley in Vilnius,  between the slopes and the river. The aim of the design was to create an all-inclusive concept of the exhibition center and to connects the existing pavilions into integral functional structure with a possibility to expand in the future.

We propose a triangular building plan that maintains the visual connection with the green slopes and defines a vector of future development. A solid clear shape becomes an accent while glazed facades reflect natural environment.

The square

A new exposition square is designed in front of the pavilion. It merges with the interior space of the pavilion and expands it. The link between the inner spaces and outside spaces is maintained.


The main area of the new building is 9000 sq.m. The main exposition hall is free of columns and is overlooked from exhibition balcony, running along the glazed facade. This space can also be converted into a 2000 seat audience hall. A restaurant and a conference hall is designed at the link with the old pavilion together with utility and technical areas.


The interior of the building is minimal in order to highlight the exhibits. To emphasize the multi functionality of the building all the hanging engineering communications are veiled with acoustic shields. The shields can be easily rotated thus changing the texture of the walls.