R.Palekas, D.Uogintė, B.Puzonas, A.Palekienė, K.Burbaitė, U.Morkūnaitė


Ground floor 430 m2
Underground 2650 m2






Our studio performed research for the concept of the Panevėžys bus station and its surroundings (Savanorių Square, car park, etc.). The importance of the site for the city is incompatible with the character of the current urban wasteland and requires not only repair or renovation work, but a broader strategy to address the spatial, functional and representative problems of the site.
We design the bus station by providing shorter bus routes in the inner streets of the quarter. The station is pulled closer to J. Basanavičiaus Street, becoming more iconic and representative. Intersections between buses and pedestrians are avoided. An indoor station building and a platform with an expressive roof are being designed.

Savanorių square integration

The square is currently surrounded on all sides by driveways, the square has no interest for pedestrians or passers-by, it is difficult to reach, thus creating a view of unused and unsafe space. We plan the square next to the platform of the new bus station, surrounded on two sides by pedestrian streets. Cafés and similar commercial premises in the existing bus station building or in the possible new annex of the IKI shopping center could take advantage of the proximity of the square, through which pedestrian paths to the bus station would be formed.

Functional layout

At the planned Panevėžys bus station, a platform is planned – places for passenger arrivals, departures and downtime for passenger transport; station building, which provides: passenger waiting room with sanitary facilities, cafe area and accompanying functions – luggage storage, small parcel service room, ticket offices. Administrative, bus traffic management facilities, staff and driver rest rooms are also provided.
An underground car park and technical and auxiliary premises are being designed under the platform area and the station building.

Functional layout of the station building

The station building is divided into two parts – open, 24/7 accessible passenger spaces – cafe, WC, waiting room; and a more closed area consisting of passenger service premises – luggage storage, ticket offices, drivers’ rest rooms and station administrative premises – offices, dispatch center. These two zones are separated by an information wall. Staff and passenger flows are separated.

Underground parking scheme

A one-story underground car park is planned under the station building and platform. It is designed for 87 parking spaces (4 of which are closest to the elevator – adapted for people with disabilities), a double-sided entrance ramp, three evacuation exits and an elevator adapted for people with disabilities. There are also technical and auxiliary rooms, an area for waste containers and an area for bicycles on the basement floor. Access to the underground site is planned from the street of Savanorių Square on the western side of the plot, covered with a straight double-sided ramp.