R.Palekas, P.Išora, B.Puzonas, A.Palekienė, J.Garšvaitė-Puronienė




12 700 m2



Townscape and the silhouette of the terminal

The silhouette of Riga plays an important role in forming city‘s identity. What is the proper way to interact with the existing city scape? We try to solve this problem by giving the new building a horizontal character and by moving the building as far away from the old town as possible.

Park meets the sea

Another special feature of Riga town is Chanel Park. It ends very close to the terminal site.

The aim to connect the Park and Daugava river bank is the basic urban concept of our proposal. By this the Port peninsula becomes a natural part of the “Green belt”, surrounding Riga old town.

Green gate

The connection of Park and Daugava at the Terminal site creates a unique  town entrance for sea guests- the “green gate” with Chanel park pavilions and, among them, old terminal building which should be preserved as a quality example of Riga’s modern architecture.

Terminal area concept

Terminal site covers a rather long part of the river embankment starting from Vansu bridge. It would be rational to develop the embankment in 2 stages: the first step would create “Park terminal” that would contain the actual program in an immediate park experience. Future needs would be met by implementing the second stage – the “Town terminal “ with direct access to the old town and surrounded by the new luxurious city blocks along the river embankment.

Architecture of the new terminal building

Conceptually this building could be understood as more space than volume. The main element of the building is the gap in between terminal facilities and hotel. The hotel is seemingly floating in the air and serves as a natural roof for the balcony. The balcony is a public space where many acts can happen. In some way it socially compensates the inability to go to the horn of the peninsula: 360° view is lifted and more comprehensive as that from the ground level. This is a place where you can sit in a cafeteria, see an art exhibition, send an air kiss to your lover on a ship deck.

Andrej osta balcony

The balcony under the hotel volume becomes a key point of the architectural expression of the new terminal building. It is inspired by the nice view of Riga town and the delta of Daugava. Rotonda typology is strong enough to reflect the building tradition of Channel park and to create a proper image of Riga port terminal as the new sea gate. Balcony is open public space, shared both by terminal passengers, hotel guests and inhabitants of Riga. The balcony space softens the transition between town and sea in different senses.


The building consists of two enclosed volumes. The function of these volumes is hotel rooms (above) , RPT entrance, hotel front and back offices and cargo facilities (below). The concept of the facades of the hotel volume reflects its function: series of slightly opened „wings“ reflect the inner room structure. Finishing materials – terracotta, steel, glass, aluminum.


The parking is organized in one level of undeground parking under the building in order to preserve more ground surface for the park. The standard structure of concrete columns and slabs extends from it to the altitude of the Balcony at +10.50. There the spar columns hold one straightened slab at the altitude of +20,20. Hotel floors are constructed separately above the slab.


Main strategic features of sustainability in this project are:

  1. The area of open public space is not decreased even by the built area of the new building
  2. Chanel park is extended
  3. Original example of modern Riga architecture is preserved