R.Palekas, B. Puzonas, P.Išora, A.Palekienė, V.Lingė, D.Kalmantavičius




8 000 m2



While thinking about this project we had three the most important issues: new building harmony with the existing volume of Green Hall; the relation with the near and distant context of Vilnius city; possibilities of office building typology. Also, the building’s sustainability. This is a broad concept. Sustainability is understood not only as a group of energy and ecological issues. This concept covers the relationship between the building and people: typological and functional innovations, plan flexibility (in space and time). Also, the versatile link between the building and its surroundings.

Green connection with the Vingis park

We perceive the building plot as an essential part of the recreational area in Vilnius. This space stretches along Neris river valley. Its part between Žvėrynas and Žirmūnai Bridges the General Plan refers to as the “green connection”. Buildings of the SBA Concern mark the beginning of the “green connection” of Vilnius.
The „Green connection“ gradually merges to strategically important corridor connecting the city’s central green space and the Vingis Park. Therefore, the area environment and functional solutions for the first floors of buildings is oriented not only to office workers, but also to passers-by.


The plot interferes between the two building types – villas of Žvėrynas and regular grid of Naujamiestis. The morphotype of the existing Green Hall building is clearly different. It is close to the pavilion (rotunda, sculpture) in the park, however, being by oneself, he falls out of the surroundings. Therefore, we are strengthening this morphotype.

Building expression

All floors of the building, starting with the second, have a south terrace. The view from terraces includes riverside valley, water, the city center silhouettes. The terraces are only for company employees and guests. The terraces are also visible from the most important overview points in the city, which creates the image of an open building.

Terraces + winter gardens

Inside the building, behind the terraces we are designing recreational – working spaces with meeting rooms and similar features. This continuation of the terraces to the interior, during the cold space becomes like a winter garden. Depending on how many building floors will occupy a single company, this space will become a connection between the floors.

Common interior space

The interior space is organized by the trunk principle; it branches off to the essential functional communication directions. The trunk is the atrium that goes up to the top of the building. In this way, natural light enters the central part of the building.