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R.Palekas, B.Puzonas, D.Uogintė, A.Palekienė, K.Burbaitė, U.Morkūnaitė, R.Samackaitė





Context/local historical development

The plot under consideration is a part of the Lopacinsky Palace, an architectural complex consisting of a palace, an office building, a storage building and a fence with gates. By the 17th century end the analyzed part of the plot was not built, the current Šiltadaržio street and the plot was allocated by the Baroque masonry fence. In the beginning of XVIII century wooden buildings appeared along the fence. After that, in 1889 In the corner of Bernardine and Šiltadaržis streets, a two-storey office building was built, wooden buildings were combined into one unheated masonry building. The longitudinal wall of this building coincided with Šiltadaržio g. the fence, the rear wall clinging to the neighbor building, but in the northern part of the building, it was distracted from the house of the porch, leaving a gate to the courtyard through the fence. During the various repairs of the complex, two windows were cut in the fence, however, significant changes affecting Šiltadaržio g. tile character did not exist. According to R. Dičuvienė’s historical research, the building was demolished in the post-war years. The main values of the place are distinguished: a monument fence, an exceptional spatial structure and pulsating Šiltadražio st. tile In order to preserve them, it is important to take into account the Old City Protection Regulation, which stipulates that the two-storey building, built on the Šiltadaržio street fence, will substantially change the character of Šiltadaržio street and a picturesque street street sculpture.

Picture on the left: Šiltadaržis st.. 1937m. (photo J.Bulhakas). From historical research of 21’st quarter of Vilnius oldtown by R.Dičiuvienė.

Architectural/urbanistic concepct

The basic idea was to take into account the existing local spirit, the character of the spaces. The volume is projected away from the fence and adjacent buildings, extending the courtyard with an office building and a neighboring building construction line. Expression of the building is characteristic of the architecture of the Old Town: a double-edged roof, a horizontal ridge, but the spit shapes the shape of an exquisite volume of a modern image – a diamond. The building is pulled from the fence by two triangular cavities, thus neutralizing the volume effect in Šiltadaržio g. perspective, the existing fence continues to dominate the tile. The space between the fence and the volume is being developed using private patios-terrace. One of them preserves the existing tree, which has also become an important accent of the iconic street of Šiltadaržis. In the aspect of heritage protection, we suggest opening valuable fragments of the fence, as well as highlighting the outline of the former building on the back door of the official building, if the exact location of the fence is identified.

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Functional/spatial concept

Five luxury hotel apartments are designed in the building, two of them on the first floor, and the other three on the second floor. One stairway leads to all the suites, the accent of which is the sculptural staircase, illuminated by a skylight from the top. The windows of the first floor apartments have a transparent showcase oriented to Šiltadarys str. fence side, where private terraces are designed. This enlarges the space, and the fence becomes an important accent of the interior of the apartments. Bedrooms are designed on the inside of the courtyard. In two of the upper apartments, in order to maximize the height of the premises, antresoles are planned, that can be used for the additional sleeping areas or work areas.

Sekspyro vizualizacija


The idea of the facade was determined by the desire to maintain the integrity of the volume, clearly articulating the planes of similar area and configuration, of which the main volume was formed. The openings in the façades are designed only where necessary. In order to provide the rooms with necessary privacy, the windows in places are covered with openwork. From Šiltadaržis str. the walls are designed with a clear plane, allowing the first-floor apartment guests to have direct connection to the inner courtyards, while the high-rise apartment guests can enjoy the panoramic views of the Old Town. Clinker ceramics chosen for the facade and roofing material. For the sake of a solid, contextual building image, it is important to use natural, warm, materials typical of Vilnius Old Town.

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