R.Palekas, B.Puzonas, A.Palekienė, U.Morkūnaitė,

R.Samackaitė, K.Burbaitė, A.Čertovas, R.Stasiulis


12 300 m2



Urbanistic concept

Key words: Balance, Continuous Green
Volume in its new location shifts the urbanistic/landscape equation into balance, Tauras Hill now plays an equal role in this composition. In consequence the volume sits closer to old town, thus Tauras Hill Park is moved emotionally towards Vilnius valley. Northern Tauras hill slope and former Evangelic Cemetery Park become one Green public space, there for connecting center valley with Naujamiestis.
It is worth mentioning that throughout the history objects of great importance to Vilnius city were situated alongside urbanistic axes, with a subtle exception for the Cathedral.
As new volume moves from existing Culture House footprint it also restores the hillside which was brutally damaged when constructing the Culture House. This green buffer gently separates National Concert Hall entrance space from former cemetery.
In the eastern side of the site new volume occupies only the space it needs and does not exceed height regulations. Resituated new volume opens former Evangelic Cemetery Park towards Vilnius city panoramas.
Main bonus over required program is the new Tauras hill square – public space, fully representing importance of the NCH in its size, proportions and orientation. This square connects Center valley with Naujamiestis and becomes the pinpoint on the routs leading to NCH as well.

Architectural concept

Key words: Rotunda, Column, Entablement
Main volumetric/spatial principle of the building – park rotunda. The main hall is composed using simple generalized planes. The Small hall glides over the entrance space. The two are joined by the entablement at the top. Two layers of columns surrounds this solid sculptural composition.
Building size, proportions, volumetric composition are characteristics to those of historic Vilnius buildings like National library, National Opera theatre. The rotunda composition also refers to Lukiškės square and moreover to eternal Vilnius valley compositional principle – rounding by tree openwork.

Concept of inner and outer public spaces

Key words: Square, Passage, Viewing point
We propose two equal ways to get to NCH – from the center valley, from Naujamiestis. One passing through entrance square can get a glimpse of all major parts of Tauro Hill Park. Entrance facade in combination with the glassing of commercial premises hidden in the hillside forms a sheltered corner space.
Important part of the new public space – colonnade passage connecting foyer with the square. It is part of the building and demarcates its ephemeral boundary. The colonnade passage is also accessible from the Evangelic Park.
The NHC entrance square replacing the former Cultural House incorporates into Tauras Hill Park as a new intermediate terrace. The square represent NCH, also can be used for all kinds of activities and events. The slope in between the square and Evangelikai Park is 5 m high.
Solid surfaces disperse into green soft surfaces on the West side of the square, thus ensuring conceptual continuity of greenery down from Evangelic Park into the valley.
Approaching the building one is accompanied by the sequence of experiences – from the square one gets to wide entrance foyer followed by tall space decorated with the iconic  panoramic view of Vilnius and a roof passage with an amphitheater – with its top seats elevated 24 m above square level – and with the restaurant beside it.

Accessibility concept

Special needs
NCH is easily accessible from Lukiškių square as well as from Naujamietis Matrimonial palace. People with special needs can choose between two main routes: V.Mykolaičio-Putino street from the Naujamiestis (this route lay almost horizontal all the way to the main concert hall parter); a moving path (we propose only place for it in this project) from Pamėnkalnio st. and Lukiškės square.

Planning pedestrian paths is made up in compliance with “Tauras hill park territory arrangement” and “Vilnius former Evangelic cemetery complex territory arrangement” preliminary projects (SĮ VIlniaus planas). We see former Evangelic Cemetery Park as an integrated part of whole recreational Tauras hill space.

Guests. By car NCH is accessible via V.Mykolaičio-Putino st. There are temporary parking places, special needs parking places, electric transport and bicycle parking places planned around the entrance square.
Services and employees. NCH service area with loading bay and employees parking is situated under the building. It is easily accessible from Tauras st. through slightly sloping underground tunnel.

Functional concept

Entrance foyer is wide and spacious, key functional areas are clearly visible. Right beside the main entrance one can step down to the cafeteria and a bit further to the left a staircase takes you to the balconies with an opening into stunning city views. From the balconies these spectators access the main concert hall in different levels.
The second smaller hall has its own foyer accessible from Evangelic Park there for separate events can take place in both halls simultaneously.
The orchestra in residence has its quarters situated in -1 floor. Premises with workplaces are light with natural sunlight as the natural slope of the hill allows it.
Machinery and other loads are brought up to the ground floor by cargo lifts from the loading bay basement.
Restaurant and cafeteria are also supplied from the basement bay. Share one kitchen area.
NCH administration has its premises on the top floor with a panoramic window. Two separate entrances will allow a flexible use of the administration facilities.
All different functional flows to the building have their own individual entrances: public; administration; musicians; catering; services.

-1 a.

Concept of Halls

Main Hall Concept
Key words: „,shoe-box“, ancient woods
The shell structure of the hall is massive cast in place concrete structure. The interior of the hall – the main perimeter planes and ceilings – natural wood. The interior design of the hall was inspired by the romantic imagination of the former ancient woods of Tauras Hill – as if trying to transfer the echoes of nature to the most important interior of the new building.

Small Hall concept
The small multipurpose concert hall – for it is working space of Orchestra in residence as well- has separated public entrance and possibility of daylight and of city view.
Acoustic solutions: the layout of the hall is multifunctional, where the place of scene and spectators’ seats can be adapted to a particular performance, therefore electro-acoustic sound system with a reverberation time adjustment is used.