R. Palekas, A.Palekienė, A.Baldišiūtė, R.Bėčius


MG Valda


2002 Copmpetition, 1st place
2005 Realization


7000 m2

The Location

Office building “Victoria“– an accent of rapidly developing trade area in Vilnius city centre. The territory is situated along the riverside of Neris and visually adjoins Tauras hill. Building location determines its visibility form many different observation points, hence volumetric expression is the key element of the project.

Volumetric expression and materiality

Volumetric composition of the building has characteristic expression. It is combined of rectangle glass volume and light granite plates, that encircle glass volume like a frame. The main glass volume is divided into the net by aluminium strips. Though the first four floors are covered by solid glass wall.
At the height of 61m there is an observation terrace. It is a bridge construction, which is built at the highest level in Lithuania.
Two materials which are very different by their characteristics are used for the facades. It is glass and stone. This contrast of light and heavy, transparent and opaque gives more elegancy and solidity.


In front of the building there is a representative space, which opens up to the river and leads to the main entrance.
The entrance to the office premises is marked by expressive high space. This space has visual connection with the first three floors that are fully glazed. In the first floor there is possibility to situate showroom or boutique. From the 2nd to the 16th floor spaces are universal, planned in a way that would be suitable for one office or several different offices.
Glazed facade of the main volume assures visual connection between inner spaces and the river. Form the 11th floor windows open up to the Gediminas Av.