R. Palekas, B.Puzonas, D.Uogintė, G.T.Gylytė


UAB Transmeda


7200 m2



The plot is located in the center of Vilnius, between J. Jasinskio, Galežinio Vilko and Pakalnės streets. The site is the meeting point of Vilnius city and its urban arteries. Obvious conflict of different scales, speeds, images and torn apart pedestrian connections. New figure of the quarter is inspired by the character of the surrounding natural carcass: the slope and the river are pulling apart from each other at this site. The new structure of inner spaces is decided by the pedestrian tract between Gediminas avenue and Tiltas bus stop with its possible extension. The composition of the new buildings is maintaining the spatial structure of the city block as well as highlighting the two-sidedness of the scale in the site. Two volumes are designed in the plot: apartment building closes up the eroded perimeter of the historical city block while the office building is placed on the edge of the highway as a sign that is communicating with the existing and perspective volumes of the „Business triangle “. A square is created in between these two volumes. Two and three story of underground parking are placed under all built area. Its entrance is planned at the new street on the western edge of the plot. Existing renovated hotel building remains in the plot while all other structures are demolished. Only the apartment building and large part of the square are built during the first stage of the development of the plot.

The Square

The square is connected to J. Jasinskio street via the stairs next to the apartment building. Recessed square is cozier and allows to use the height differences of the plot better. All commercial spaces and the main entrances of the office building are accessed from this square. The pavement is made out of the same material that is used to the facades of the buildings – yellow brick – that unites the entire complex. Triangle green hills with large trees and edge seating helps to zone the square. A semi-closed courtyard terrace is designed next to the stairs from the street.

Residents Yard

The yard is located above the commercial areas. It is accessible via the stairs from J. Jasinskis street. It is fenced with yellow brick wall, benches and luminaires are placed on the lawn, paths and terraces for the inhabitants are designed. A ramp for fire engine is located in the northern end of the yard. A support wall separates the ramp and utility yard, where recycling containers are placed.

Apartment building

The building consists of the 6-story main body facing the square and two lower (4 story) wings. Green terraces are designed on top of these two lower wings. Main entrances to the inhabitants’ staircases are located in the inhabitants’ yard. Commercial rooms are designed under the building and its yard and are accessible from the square. Glazed commercial facade and solid brick façades of the housing are separated by a slender canopy.

The complex is united by the use of yellow ceramic brick. This choice allowed us to unite the entire complex so it keeps up with the scale of the neighboring skyscrapers and Geležinis Vilkas highway. Yellow brick is also relative to the textures used in the historical part of the neighborhood. The ground floors of both buildings are glazed and transparent towards the square. The windows of the apartments are designed with French balconies while full balconies are placed on the facades that are facing the yard.

Office building

Office building is to be built during the second stage of the development. 10 story building is placed on the western edge of the plot. The transparent bottom part is dedicated to the universal space for conferences, exhibitions and showrooms. It is a two-story height representative entrance space with illuminated ceilings that are visible from the surrounding streets. Two solid cores containing vertical communications and engineering shafts are placed into this transparent space. The upper part of the building is office space. The two ends of the top floor are designed as open technical terraces.