Basanavičiaus 9A


Rolandas Palekas, Alma Palekienė, Bartas Puzonas,

Dalia Uogintė, Sandra Šlepikaitė


UAB Eika


Norbertas Tukaj



Architectural – urbanistic intentions and conception

While searching for architectural and urbanistic conception, we were trying to create simple and rational structure from the functionality, construction and exploitation point of view. Also, to find suitable, subtle relation with spaces of neighbouring oldtown and Reformatai square.

Conception was determined by the location and context of the site: former residential site function was recreated; historically formed site terrain character was not changed – buildings are composed in different levels; pitched roofs were designed taking into account oldtown silhouette.

Basanavičiaus 9A
Basanavičiaus 9A
Basanavičiaus 9A

Erdvių struktūra, tūriniai sprendiniai

In order to achieve integrity, we chose several architectural-compositional denominators. First – three volumes of the same profile. Second – all of the three houses are similar to each other in size in the plan, and house by the park is one floor lower than the two other buildings.

After estimating the scale and structures of adjacent and neighbouring territories, in order to articulate the northern layout of J.Basanaviciaus street, new building forms perimetrical occupation of the plot by the street, while closer to the park villa morphotype is chosen. The building by the Reformatu square is slightly turned in relation to the middle building, in this way enhancing the city villa character.

Basanavičiaus 9A

Facades and finishing materials

In the facade solutions, several important principles that are inherent to Vilnius oldtown are reflected:

1. Regular and harmonious window arrangement;
2. Rather high fence that enhances the perimetrical occupation of the plot by the main street;
3. Firewall – solid massive building wall. Inner structure of the building plan is inherent to the building facades – window openings, balconies are arranged in a way so it would assure good functionality of inner structure, size of the windows assures sufficient lighting and insolation. Tall windows, that are matched to the window scale neighbouring eclectic buildings window, open up the panoramas and let in more sunlight.

Colour and material – contextual, modern, durable and natural. Taking into account dominating building material in Basanaviciaus street, light plaster was used for the buildings by the street; reacting to the natural park colours and seasonality, dark grey wood was used for thde building by the park. All of the balconies are covered by the same material as the facade.

Basanavičiaus 9A
Basanavičiaus 9A