R. Palekas, A. Palekienė, B. Puzonas, G. Ubarevičiūtė, K. Skirmantas


The access to the territory could be organized from two streets – Pavasario st and Vasaros st. This allows to form three independent plots with its own accesses, without any servitudes, not diminishing their values.

The accent

Special accent of the territory is the old house. In order not to compete with the existing building and reveal its qualities, we chose moderate volumes and gentle integration into terrain of the new buildings. One of the aims was to enhance the uniqueness of the terrain, changing it as little as possible.


In the first plot two different types of terraces are formed: first one – lawn terrace in front of the house, where the territory can be observed at an angle of 180 degrees; second one – deepened wooden terrace in front of the new part of the house, hidden form the street and oriented into the most beautiful view opening up from the plot.

Zoning of the plot

The rest of the territory we suggest to divide into several zones – access to the house, roofing for the vehicles, garden next to the entrance and small garden for herbs on south part of the hillside.

The second plot

The second plot is lifted 3m, clearly separating its yard from the first plot. The functional scheme of the second house is arranged in to levels – in the first one there is living zone with a terrace on the south and on the second floor – sleeping zone. For the cars we suggest separately standing light roofing.

The proposed chapel volume is simple, where the main accent is landscape. The volume enclosed by solid walls and raised on the hill would ensure complete quietness.

The third plot

The functional scheme of the third plot is separated into three levels, where in the first level, under the house, cars are parked, in the second level – living zone with a terrace behind the house, in the third level – bedrooms. The plot is lifted 3m form the street, forming cosy yard.

1 – The existing house; 2 – The boundary of proposed extension; 3 – The roofing for vehicles; 4 – Deepened terrace; 5 – The chapel; 6 – The house of the proposed second plot; 7 – The house of the proposed third plot; 8 – The roofing for vehicles under the house.