R.Palekas, B.Puzonas, A.Palekienė, D.Uogintė, V.Lingė




Norbertas Tukaj

Construction Phase

KAP architects

The location

The plot is located at the edge of Vilnius, in Aukštagiris. Strong natural condition is characteristic to the site: tall and expressive pine trees are sheltering it from the winds. The plot is not visible from any distant viewpoints in the city, it is surrounded by forest from all directions. The site can be reached via the only local street that ends in the plot.

Key solutions

We propose urban structure of scattered dots as suggested by the prevailing urban morphology of the context (villas in the forest). 6 semidetached houses are coupled on the eastern edge of the plot. Required 3m step – back from the plot edges and 8m distance between the houses (as required by fire regulations) partially define the size and location of the buildings. Aiming to keep the existing pine trees we place the buildings in between them. Strong presence of nature requires wild lawn as main groundcover for the plot, with only minimal gravel planes in front of entrance doors and single pathway, leading to the dead-end street. Every housing unit is provided one parking place (on reinforced lawn) and wooden terrace.

The facades

Stripes of plaster and glass of entirely glazed ground floor and ribbon windows of the first floor shape the facades of the houses. Bands of vertical wooden trusses in different densities softens and blends the limits of these „stripes“. They also form the fencing for the roof terrace while referring to the verticals of surrounding pine tree trunks.

The plan

The plan of all units is the same. Ground floor is designed as one large living room with a box containing kitchenette, staircase, WC and small storage room. This interior box separates a minimal entrance area. First floor contains two to three sleeping rooms and a bathroom. Glazed attic-like structure acts as an entrance to the roof terrace, occupying almost entire roof area. Terraces of neighbors are divided by extension of inner wall and potted plants. Glazed attic turns staircase into light well.