R.Palekas, B.Puzonas, D.Uogintė, A.Palekienė,


Studio 3DG




5804 m2



The main aims

Designing this building, the most important concept task was to find subtle relation with the historical context of Vilnius oldtown. Though it was also important to apply simple, rational structure from the functionality, construction and exploitation point of view.


The plan of designed volume is S-shaped, the volume itself has uniform cross-section and pitched roof. The building blends in with the surrounding buildings, and the distance from the plot boundary on the south side creates a new pedestrian alley. The middle part of the volume separates two courtyards of different intensity. The volume has three floors and the attic floor. The height of the ridge and the cornice is similar to the neighbouring building heights. The plot is characterized by three different zones: the biggest courtyard, the smaller inner courtyard and the alley in the south side. These zones differ not only by its character, but also by its materiality. The biggest courtyard is more open, has the entrances to the staircases, common recreational zones. A hard pavement of the yard is enlivened by the small green areas and a children playground. The smaller, more private courtyard is greener, covered by lawn and wooden terraces. The new alley on the south creates the sense of human scale space, which is characteristic of the oldtown.

Relation with the surroundings

The designed building smoothly blends in with surrounding environment by its height, silhouette, building perimetry. On the northern part the building is adjoins the firewalls of neighbouring buildings. In this way the existing volumes are extended along Strazdelio and Sv.Dvasios streets. Whereas the new building is replacing old industrial buildings, the insolation conditions and view possibilities are not affected. The distance from the neighbouring plot on the south opens up more visual space for the southern plot residents.

Inner structure

Whole building is dedicated for the apartments, the size of which is varying from one room (35-40m2) to four rooms (90m2). Significant part of the apartments has two-sided orientation, though one-sided apartments are also well illuminated. Only one small part of the façade is turned to the north, the rest of the facades are facing south, eats or west. Each corps of the building has apartments with the views to the nearby churches. The balconies are designed only in the biggest courtyard space. The attic apartments have deepened terraces, in this way terraces are protected from the wind and does not affect uniform layouts of the building.