Lukiskiu aikste


R. Palekas, P. Išora, B.Puzonas,  A.Palekienė, M.Šiupšinskas, S.Grincevičiūtė





Lukiskiu aikste


Trapezoidal space of Lukiškės square together with its perimeter of linden is a very important sign of Vilnius identity.

The distinctive character of Lukiškės square supplements the mood of two neighboring spaces: Taurakalnis hill park and the right bank of Neris and distinguishes it functionally as well as compositionally in the sequence of squares along Gediminas avenue.

Therefore we propose to strengthen the existing features of the square space.

Lukiskiu aikste


We propose new rows of linden as a lining of the existing perimeter. Additional rows are planted to push the space of the square slightly towards the east. This move helps to strengthen the connection between the square and the former KGB palace with the memorial of Aukų street as well as develop the visual links with St. Patric and Jacob church. The only spot, where the tree perimeter is scatered is the northern edge of the square, where we suggest clearer articulation.

Lukiskiu aikste


The square is paved with boulders. This type of pavement is characteristic for historical squares of Lithuanian towns and villages. It creates cosy and immediate atmosphere, does not require much care and does not support active leisure. Boulder pavement would sustain the movement in all directions all over the year, it would accept the audience in all the surface of the square during the events. The texture of the surface could differ gradually from round embossed boulders nexts to the linden to flat plain surface of cut stone in the center of the square. Different textures would zone the square for natural different functional uses. Lawn islands of 3-5m in diameter would be formed around the tree trunks.

Lukiskiu aikste

National representative, memorial and public function

The central part of the square is dedicated for these functions. A site for national ceremonies and memorialisation of freedom fighters is defined here, however the exact expression should be defined during the perspective competition. This space will accept the commemorations of important state dates, classical music concerts and other events.

Lukiskiu aikste


The site for the Symbol of Freedom, a monument for the killed fighters is provided in the representational-memorial part of the square which is surrounded by linden trees. The proposed space is capapble to accept various sulutions of the monument.

Lukiskiu aikste

Recreational function

Green ring of linden trees and the northern part of the square is suitable for calm recreation. Steel benches are placed under the trees for sitting, the canopies of the trees would be illuminated in the evening. The northern part of the square  would be opened up, only a couple of the most valuable trees remaining with transparent universal pavillions in between them. Pavillions could facilitate as entrances to the underground parking, places to have a cup of tee or coffee, see a photography exposition.

Lukiskiu aikste